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Security Cameras Systems-CCTV in Brooklyn and NYC

Security Camera NY

Security Camera Installation Protecting your home or property is an important undertaking for our company. We at Protector Lock and Security utilize closed circuit television (CCTV) to help safeguard your possessions at the most affordable prices.

Its positioning is commonplace in all areas where people have free access and are likely to be caught on camera whilst proceeding with their everyday activities. All images captured on DVR and recorded for security purposes. You will also be able to view from internet on your computer, laptop, smart phone or any internet connection.

Most people feel content knowing that their safety and security needs are being met with security cameras. They will feel more comfortable accessing banks afterhours and walking through streets in shady areas. CCTV can be an effective means for crime prevention, crime detection, and more so crime reduction and should not be overlooked

With CCTV business owners can:

  • Apply for lower insurance rates.
  • Surveillance slips and falls.
  • Prevent robberies and robbery attempts or record.
  • Prevent employee theft.
  • Keep record of employee work performances.
  • Watch their business remote locations.

Homeowners may be able to:

  • Record nanny`s daily activities.
  • Keep tabs on their home from work or remote locations.
  • See who is at the door or gate.
  • Watch over toddlers in other rooms.

Security Camera Tips:

  • Decide what you want to monitor. Do you want to see the faces, the whole person, or just the goods and commodities?
  • Will your cameras be subject to vandalism? Should that be an issue, we do recommend our damage resistant cameras.
  • Sketch out your floor plan. Consider the distances in surveillance zones.
  • Remember the more you spend, the more sophistication you get in security. Choose a budget that fits your needs.